The Sixth Annual Stars of Design Awards - Henry's acceptance speech

The 2012 Stars of Design Award Honorees are: LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: Clodagh, ARCHITECTURE: Chad Oppenheim, INTERIOR DESIGN: Jennifer Post, GRAPHIC DESIGN: Kiran Shiva Akal, PRODUCT DESIGN: Franco Pianegonda,LANDSCAPE DESIGN: DJ Hay, PHOTOGRAPHY: Iran Issa Khan, ART: Henry Richardson.

This year, DCOTA will add a new facet to its Stars of Design Awards, the "Stars on the Rise" category, which will honor five designers forty years of age or younger, who have already made a significant mark in the design world. The 2012 Stars on the Rise are: Alison Antrobus, Eric Winnick, Joe Fava, A. Keith Powell and Donanne Ramos. Established more than a decade ago at Cohen's Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, the Stars of Design Awards honors professionals who have attained recognition in various fields of design. Selected by a panel of industry leaders in the fields of art, design, media and beyond, the 2012 Stars of Design Award recipients are distinguished in their careers and well respected by their community in the design categories of interior design, architecture, graphic design, product design, landscape design, photography, art and lifetime achievement. These creative professionals are being honored for their significant achievements and contributions in their respective fields with special recognition of their talents, ideas, creativity and business savvy.