Henry Richardson's Artistic Genius: Creating Spheres From Sheets of Glass

When Henry Richardson decided to be an artist, he opted out of art school and decided to take a more direct route delving right in. Self-taught, he started as a painter and eventually worked his way up to his current passion, glass sculpture. While many glass art is done by blowing or casting, Richardson instead fuses glass sheets together to create amazing orbs and towers. His method involves cutting arcs of glass that form rings, layering them to eventually form a perfect sphere. His art pieces have been shown at museums all over, including the Frost Museum in Miami and the deCordova Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts, and are eagerly bought up by art enthusiasts. In 2012 he won the Artist of the Year award from Dcota Design Center. In this telling interview, Richardson discusses his process, the environment of the art world, where his inspiration comes from, and what it was like to create a 9/11 memorial for the town of Danbury, Connecticut. JustLuxe.