Henry Richardson's Glass Sculptures Go On Display in Naples, Florida

The works of American master glass sculptor Henry Richardson will be exhibited, opening on February 28, at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts in Naples, Fla. Richardson, who was named 2012 Artist of the Year by the Design Center of the Americas, painstakingly hand chisels plates of glass that have been fused together using a high-intensity light welding process to create icy-looking orbs and towers. “Very few artists have explored the medium, which is common in everyday life and certainly in architecture,” says Richardson, who was drawn to the material for its weight, strength, and changing light transmission that evokes various moods. “Light not only bounds off the surfaces, but it also comes through a piece, so the sculpture changes radically as you move around it.” The exhibition will feature three giant orbs and three towers, which have been his signature forms for the past 15 years. www.forbes.com.