Art Miami Basel 2010: Artist Henry Richardson's TIKKUN for Art Basel Attendees

The Art Miami Basel 2010 allows art lovers from Florida and surrounding areas the opportunity to revel in masterworks by some of the most important names in modern and contemporary sculpture including Jean Dubuffet (France), Jose Bedia (Cuba), Fernando Botero (Columbia), Olafur Eliasson (Denmark), Henry Moore (UK), Isamu Noguchi (Japan), Cang Xin (China), and Henry Richardson (USA). The Miami Art Basel Dates in 2010 allows the Miami art community to express the value and importance of art in our everyday lives. Please go to in order to learn more.

This year's Miami Art Fair Basel is expected to surpass the excellence of the Art Basel 2009. The upcoming Miami Beach Sculpture Biennial is scheduled in the Art Basel dates to open December 3, 2010 and run through January 15, 2011 for the Basel Art Show Miami showing. The works of fifty artists will be displayed including the exceptional piece from Henry Richardson TIKKUN (Healing the World).

Once called a "masterpiece", the 5000-pound, 78-inch diameter, chiseled glass sculpture titled TIKKUN (Healing The World) will be featured at the Art Miami Basel 2010 during the Miami Art Fair Basel. The inspiration for this piece comes from the Hebrew phrase "Tikkun Olam" which means: repairing the world. It is an impressive glass sphere that towers over its audience. Its color reminds viewers of blue green Caribbean waters and they can view it for themselves at the Miami Art Fair Basel during the Miami Art Basel dates. Richardson uses the sphere as a symbol for the universe and the laws of nature and endlessness. Many of his viewers find metaphors for life in his works of art. The opportunity to see this impressive glass sculpture should not be missed. The AJ Japour Gallery is excited to announce this special event as well as their auction in Key Biscayne on December fourth. These upcoming events create buzz throughout the Miami community.

The artist, Richardson, expresses that his work carries a constant theme of regeneration. It is similar to an individual who experiences trauma or emotional stress. The pieces are broken and rebuilt such as life through the constant rebuilding of ourselves, making us whole again. One can only imagine his sculptures start as cold commercial grade window glass and they are transformed into breath taking sculptures that transmit light and radiance. The process can almost be compared to the metamorphosis of the butterfly. This extravagant piece of work, along with many others, can be seen at the Art Miami Basel 2010. Be sure to check for Art Basel dates in the area.